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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Catholic Doctrinal Exposition/Religious Debete between Catholic and Islam

A public debate held at Ozamiz City Public Market, last December 9, 2007, was challenged by Muslim preacher Muhammad Ali. The proposition was: Resolved, That Islam Religion can only be saved according to the Quran, Bible and Standard References. The Muslim Preacher Muhammad Ali defended the affirmtive side while Bro. Wendell Talibong, CFD National Vice President for external Affairs took the negative side. The Debate was aired in Dxdd AM.
In his introductory and first affirmative speech, Muslim preacher Muhammad Ali emphasized that only the Islam Religion can be saved. To prove his side from the Quran he cited Su.ah Al-Ma'idah 5:3; Surah Aal'mraam 3:67, and to prove from the Bible he quoted Matt.7:21.
During the Cross-examination, Muhammad Ali was confounded when confronted with a barraged of questions from Bro Wendell using the two versions of their Quran, and with their own Islamic books.
Brother Wendell's rhetoric cross-examiniation to Muhammad Ali drew a big applause from the audience when he cited the Quran 2:62, states that the Christians who believed in God and did righteousness will have their reward with their Lord.
In the latter part of the debate, the Muslim preacher had the difficulty in answering the contradictions of thier Quran and books. He accepted that he was not prepared for the public debate although he challenged the Catholic Faith Defenders.
When Muhammad Ali cross-examined the negative side, the answers of Brother Wendell to the questions of Muhammad Ali were so enlightening as cited by the Quran 2:62 and Quran 5:82.
At this juncture, the moderator, Bro. Adam Amper instructed Muhammad Ali to ask more questions since he still had 5 minutes more to the alloted 15 minutes cross-examintion. But Muhammad Ali said the he had no more questions.

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